STEM Explorers

Children are natural scientists. Let them explore.


STEM Explorers was established to expose elementary school aged children to science, technology, engineering, and math through engaging, hand-on activities that merge the worlds of education and fun. We believe that children are natural explorers, and given the opportunity, they can develop a lifelong love of learning which is key to success in today’s fast-changing world.

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Our Method

Our competency-based lessons include engaging, hands-on activities that allow students to discover, explore, and learn with minimal guidance from the instructor. These age-appropriate STEM challenges build critical thinking and problem solving skills by encouraging students to use their creativity and imagination.

Each STEM Explorers lesson begins with a story that sets the narrative for the activity and fosters the intellectual and emotional engagement that lead to meaningful learning experiences. Whether constructing a take-home robot friend, mixing bubbling magic potions, or building a Lego catapult to defeat an angry dragon, our lessons’ unique blend of imaginative play, critical thinking activities, and STEM competencies create a fun learning opportunity that will leave students wanting to learn more.

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